A Letter to Agent Pam from The Humphrey's family

"We just wanted to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to you and everyone at Kingdom Konsultants™. Our trip was wonderful,the girls were truly surprised(we didn't tell them we were going until the night before we left) and they had such a wonderful time at Disney World. Joyce and I want to thank you for making the planning of the trip as stress free as possible. You guys(gals) did a great job with the planning and making our dining reservations and doing all the "leg" work that can make planning a trip to Disney stressful. I can not sing your praises enough after hearing other peoples horror stories about other travel agents. The detail that Kingdom Konsultants™ provides and the service is unmatchable, from the first contact to receiving a detailed itinerary of the trip was outstanding."

A Letter to Agent Pam and her staff from George Bey

"I have worked with Pam and Kingdom Konsultants™ for years. They have planned both my family vacations to WDW as well as the trips we do as part of our class at Millsaps College. Each of the these trips have been perfect. Pam works to make sure every detail you are looking for is in place so that the trip goes off without any problems or disappointments. Her and her staff are caring and fun to work with. They enjoy planning these trips as much as we do!"

A Letter From Brit Katz to Kingdom Konsultants™

" I cannot recall having a better time at Disney World, and I've been 12 times! The advent of a 'guest I.D. card' that serves as a hotel room key, theme park entry pass, restaurant/cafe meal plan, and charge card ensured that every convenience was afforded to me and to the group....at the risk of cliche, it is magical! The Kingdom Konsultants™ beautifully addressed the details for us --- we look forward to collaborating with them again."

A Letter to Agent Marie From Erin Owens

"First things first, and I must thank the person who made this trip possible, kept my sanity, survived nearly 18 months of emails with yours truly AND my immediate family.......... Marie from Kingdom Konsultants™.

I can't say enough good things about Marie and all the help she has provided my family over the last year and a half. From the '500 days out room only reservation' to now, she has stuck with us through some very tedious changes. First we were a group of 12, then 14, then (sadly) 12 again. We got pin codes, promotional emails and bounceback offers - one at a time, Marie made all those changes with never any complaint.

Then came the Free Dining promotion, oh so close to our travel dates, but just not in our arrival range. It was Marie who pointed out that we could go for 10 days and still pay less than it would cost us to go for 7 days! And it was Marie who managed to get us FIVE rooms at Pop DAYS after the promotion had been released (I thought she couldn't do it, but I now know never to doubt Marie!)

Anyway, I am sure that the other travel agents and support staff at Kingdom Konsultants helped out along the way too, so a big thank you to them as well. And my point is, if you have a Grand Gathering to plan, I HIGHLY recommend Marie (marie@kingdomkonsultant.com) and the Kingdom Konsultants™! Thank you so much for making this planning process so easy!!"

A Letter to Agent Pam and her staff from Carol Woodrow

"The phrase "Have a Magical Day" takes on a whole new meaning when Pam has booked your stay! Imagine 23 people for lunch at the castle in July! She did it. Pam took the scary out of booking 10-15 people for meals during the week of our daughter's wedding at Disney World. We would have never been able to book this number of people at the "hottest" places on our own. Amazing customer service reflecting Walt's philosophy. Pam doesn't stop until you are happy. The "magic"starts with a call to Pam and her team at Kingdom Konsultants™. "

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